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Our Slogan

Analytics that matter®


Our Mission

Freeman Consulting Group (FCG), LLC is an analytics consulting firm that helps its clients uncover actionable insights from the analytics that matter®


Our Vision

FCG's vision is to be a trusted partner in transforming data into actionable insights. 


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Will Freeman
Founder & CEO

 Freeman is an experienced consultant with expertise in scaling eCommerce and services organizations, spanning from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies.

As a Strategy Consultant at Profitero, he partners with Fortune 500 brands on strategic and tactical initiatives designed to accelerate their eCommerce performance. Additionally, Freeman plays a key role in scaling Profitero’s Global Advisory team via business development and operational excellence initiatives.

On the evenings and weekends, Freeman serves as the Founder and CEO of Freeman Consulting Group, LLC (an analytics consulting firm) and Freeman Ventures, LLC (a startup advisory firm). He earned the title of "Rising CEO" in 2022 from South Florida Business & Wealth Magazine.

Freeman is also involved in the Tampa Bay higher education scene as a board member, guest lecturer, and mentor at local business schools.

Before his current ventures, Freeman gained valuable experience in the technology and media sector, having worked with notable companies such as LinkedIn, Oracle, Comscore, and Gray Television.

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